Our Slogan: Silence has never been more lethal.

Our Belief: Big Game Air Guns was created, designed, and built to provide solutions to current challenges in the air gun rifle PCP industry. This one of a kind retail structure will enable us to offer exceptional superior customer service that our clients deserve.

Our Vision:

  • Endless effort towards quality.
  • Customer satisfaction is our ultimate achievement.
  • Extraordinary commitment towards customizing our services.

Contact Information:

Phone: (737) 337-GUNS

Email: sales@biggameairguns.com

Address: 9518 Hwy 290 West / Austin, Texas 78736


  • Tues – Saturday – 10am to 6pm
  • Closed: Sunday & Monday

Big Game Air Guns is opening an in line retail store in the spring of 2022 here in Austin Texas founded by Ron Hernandez and Ramyr Martinez. Big Game will be only selling high caliber PCP tactical air guns and rifles, scopes and suppressors with the ability to process custom bullets onsite. We will also offer air refill services, scope sighting services, and will have an indoor shooting range to shoot and test the velocity and power for all our rifles and guns with a precision chronograph.

Big Game plans on eliminating every possible bad experience that’s common in the PCP air gun retail industry. By designing and creating a store structure and implementing customer service standard operating procedures that are built on the weaknesses of the industry and providing strengths to eliminate any possible bad scenario that could occur or does occur in the PCP air gun retail space.

We will offer custom packages that would include the buyer’s choice of a pre-sighted rifle, scope, suppressor, and ammo. We will also provide you with the target that was used to sight the rifle scope.  Our products will be ready to shoot and hunt right out of the box. No one is offering these types of services currently in the market today. We will be an industry leader with expectations to grow.

Big Game will only be working with the top innovators in the PCP air gun industry including manufactures such as Air Arms, AirForce, Air Venturi, Benjamin, BSA, Gamo, Hatson, Seneca, Daystate, Kalibrgun, LCS, and DoonyFL suppressers.

With the resent Texas hunting laws that past in the fall of 2021 stating that air guns will be allowed to hunt but must have a minimum velocity of a 700 feet per sec, all our rifles and guns will meet and excide this requirement!

We will be the single source for your Big game hunting needs, which every hunter will love!

Our Mission

Big Game will prevail above industry’s mediocrity by providing a customized retail store that will have pride and integrity to work toward a common vision, an exceptional customer experience and satisfaction.

Big Game will provide our clients with the highest level of support by listening to suggestions, customizing our services, integrating operations tasks and reflecting the company’s beliefs and wants. This is possible by obtaining knowledge through consistent solicitation of advice from our customers!

Big Game will offer excellent customer service that will be committed to providing the most responsive service in the industry. Big Game will consistently provide innovative service that is committed to mastering our client’s requirements of excellence. This will result in high company loyalty and excellence above all expectations. Our goal is to introduce a unique company that will understand each client and define their quality in his/her own way.


  • Big Game will be the store the community can count on for providing an opportunity which will be the stepping stone towards “Success”
  • To sell and provide the industry’s top most innovated high caliber air rifles, guns, scopes, suppressor and ammo to achieve the ultimate hunters experience and provide personal safety.
  • Manufacture high caliber lead projectiles on sight, to meet the high demand of the ammo industry and to create a private brand to sell to our retail customers and our online clients.
  • We have a single bay shooting range to sight all new rifles guns and scopes. Will also offer to pre sight any new purchases. Walk in clients may rent for $20 an hour but must purchase our ammo to shoot and will also include a velocity test for confirmation on the air rifles power.
  • Will offer onsite air fill ups to all new customers or walk in clients for a fee.
  • Sell the ultimate custom packages where customers can choose from a rifle, scope, suppressor, and ammo. This complete package will include the paper target that was used to sight the scope and the velocity test results.
  • Will provide over the top customer service that others will not or are not capable of providing.

Benefits of PCP Air Guns

  • Accuracy:
    This is something that astonishes a lot of people who haven’t used a modern version that can shoot sub minute of angle out to 100 yards and more. When you send 5 slugs into the same hole at 25 yards, you’ll understand what we are talking about!
  • Safety:
    Standard firearm safety practices should always be followed when shooting airguns, but have less power than firearms and the projectiles don’t carry as far, which makes them less dangerous. Teaching firearm safety with an air gun is a great way to instill respect for guns into a new shooter.
  • Versatility:
    They are available in a variety of calibers and sizes appropriate for shooters of all ages and sizes, and many of them are quiet enough to shoot in a backyard. Whether you want to knock over cans with your friends or kids in the backyard, join a local field target club for some competitive shooting, or getting decked out for big game: they can do it all.
  • Cheap to Shoot:
    You can spend as little or as much on an airgun as you want, but the ammo is usually very cheap.
  • Great for Learning:
    Because they tend to be quiet and don’t have much recoil, they are great for introducing people to shooting. Master the fundamentals of shooting with one of these options and the skills will transfer to any shooting discipline. Plus, because you can shoot them in a basement or backyard you can get a lot more practice in.
  • Great for Training:
    Many PCP air guns are virtual matches for the real firearm in size, weight, and trigger, making them great options for developing habits and skills that will transfer over to your sidearm of choice.